Find the hidden Easter egg & get a 17% discount as a reward! 🐣

Find the hidden Easter egg & get a 17% discount as a reward! 🐣

Find the hidden Easter egg & get a 17% discount as a reward! 🐣

Factory seconds: cleansing pads “Autumn Edition” 10-piece set


Includes 19% VAT

Factory seconds: Autumn Edition

Our beautiful waschies from our Autumn Edition are free from defects whatsoever in terms of functionality or softness. They are, however, not 100% colorfast, which might lead to slight discoloring during the first washing cycle.

Please initially wash separately or with darker colors!

Delivery includes:
10x cleansing & make-up removal pads in (the color) Autumn Red

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Factory seconds ”Autumn Edition”

Our Autumn Edition consists of imperfect factory seconds. These waschies are not 100% colorfast and might slightly discolor during the first washing cycle. Initially wash them separately or with darker colors.

Regardless of this they clean your skin hypoallergenic and without any additional cleansing products – only with water. The special fiber mix made of the finest microfiber and viscose allows for a highly effective and gentle removal of all traces of make-up, cream and dirt without irritating your skin. Simply dampen with warm water and wipe your face in a circular motion. After use the waschies can be washed up to 95° Celsius and repeatedly reused. The reusable pads are the sustainable alternative to cleansing tissues and disposable washcloths.


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