Find the hidden Easter egg & get a 17% discount as a reward! 🐣

Find the hidden Easter egg & get a 17% discount as a reward! 🐣

Find the hidden Easter egg & get a 17% discount as a reward! 🐣

waschies header application

waschies make-up removal and cleansing pads cleanse your skin with just water thanks to the innovative fibre mix: hypoallergenic and super soft!


Moisten the waschies make-up removal pad and cleansing pad with lukewarm water. Then gently wipe over the eyes, mouth and face until make-up and dirt are completely removed. The fibre structure of the white and coloured make-up removal pad sides are the same. We recommend using the coloured side in the first cleansing step and then checking the result with the white side.


  • Clear water is usually sufficient for removing make-up and cleansing the face. However, you can of course also combine the waschies with your cosmetics – in this case you only need 1/4 of the amount of product.

  • To remove stubborn waterproof mascara or very sensitive eyelashes, apply a little cleansing oil or eye make-up remover directly to the damp waschies and gently sweep over the eyelid from top to bottom to remove the make-up.

  • The washable cleansing pads are also ideal for gently removing face masks. You can then look forward to skin that feels deeply cleansed and cared for.


waschies make-up removal pads and cleansing pads can be washed in the washing machine at up to 95°C. However, 60°C is usually sufficient and you don’t have to put the pad in the wash after every use. However, clean it after use with warm water and a little soap, otherwise you will bring the bacteria back onto the skin the next time you use it. waschies can be left to air dry – but the special fibres always become particularly fluffy in the dryer. Do not use fabric softener.

Application Scrub & Clean

The practical Scrub & Clean peeling pad with reversible function for gentle exfoliation of the face, décolleté and body without additives.


Use the rough side to gently exfoliate the face, décolleté and body with circular movements. Then turn the slip band over to the other side and use the soft side of the pad to remove any dead skin cells.

Tip: For a more exfoliating effect, simply add a little exfoliating salt to the pad.


Scrub & Clean is washable up to 60°C and can be used again and again. Please do not use fabric softener. Suitable for tumble drying.

Please note: The brown flax fiber of the Scrub & Clean for the face is a pure natural fiber and will lighten slightly over time.

Application Toner Pads

The reusable waschies toner pads are the sustainable alternative to disposable cotton pads. Perfect for applying cosmetics such as toners, serums or oils. Their fibre structure stores liquid and then releases it again.


Moisten the toner pad with the desired amount of toner or facial serum and then spread over the skin using gentle circular movements.

Please note: The fibre of the toner pad is not suitable for cleansing the face and removing make-up. Use the waschies make-up removal pads & wash pads for this purpose.


The waschies toner pads can be washed hundreds of times at up to 95°C. Please do not use fabric softener. Suitable for tumble drying.
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