As head of an advertising agency and mother of two girls, I actually have my hands full, but I am one of those people who do not let an idea dissuade them once they have set their sights on them …

After the birth of my little daughter Valerie, I despaired of your everyday cleaning with wet wipes. She always suffered from skin irritation and in addition, a huge mountain of garbage accumulated every day. Alternative products such as cotton washcloths were again not hypoallergenic and, after washing, without the fabric softener became much too hard and scratchy for their sensitive children’s skin. Therefore, I simply decided to develop a sustainable wash pad myself according to my own specifications. I got help from a small weaving mill in a neighboring village of Kulmbach, my hometown. Together we developed a fabric that is hypoallergenic, can be washed at up to 95 degrees and remains soft even after washing without fabric softener.


The initial feedback on the material was so positive that I decided to get started with the help of my advertising agency. This is how we produced our first products. The name was not long in coming:
“Waschies” – the idea of ​​my big daughter Antonia. OEKO Tex certificates – patent protection – design protection – brand protection, we got all of this together.


In 2017 our online shop finally went online and shortly afterwards the well-known mail order company for children’s items jako-o added us to its range. We expanded our color and product range. After the cleaning performance of the waschies was so good that they were able to remove make-up and cream residue easily and with water alone, we developed our successful make-up line FACELINE.


Appearance in the VOX show “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

We were so convinced of our product that we applied to the VOX start-up show. When the confirmation came, the joy was of course huge, but it was also accompanied by a lot of excitement and preparation. Together with my co-founder Marcella Müller, I finally ventured to the Lion’s Den in Cologne. To our great joy we were able to inspire 2 lions, Judith Williams and Ralf Dümmel, with our waschies.
We chose Ralf Dümmel, who still holds 20% of waschies GmbH.

After the broadcast of the show, there was a huge run on our waschies – in 2018 alone after our TV appearance, we were able to sell over 2 million pieces.


Because of the continued success, we decide to move to a larger office and to employ our first own employee, Emmi. Since then, the company and team have continued to grow: new employees, new product lines, new editions:

After we met the founder of the Robin Aid Foundation at the airport, who carries out operations for seriously ill children in crisis areas, we were so impressed by his commitment that we wanted to support him and his foundation.
We released our GOLD Edition and have since donated 1 € to the Robin Aid Foundation for every pack sold. You can find our GOLD Edition here.


A special highlight from the year marked by Corona was the entry of our waschies into the Top Twenty Villa of the top models from GNTM. In a delicate vanilla design, our special edition was unpacked in front of the camera and is of course also available here for you.


Waschies’ vision is to make the world a little better and more sustainable with innovative products. Of course, we want to continue to grow and become a trendsetting company in the beauty and accessories sector, so that we can show the whole world how cleaning and removing make-up works in 2020+.

We are pleased that you are interested in the entire story of our waschies and hope they will inspire you as much as we do.

Love, your waschies, Carolin + Team